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Want the best window tinting of Decatur company for the job? Ztech window tinting of Decatur has been selling and installing window film for over 25 years in the Central IL market. Although we would love your business you may not want to hire us for the installation of your energy control window tint products just yet. There are some of you that may want to purchase your window tint from a local store and install it yourself.

We have created some videos for you do-it your selfers, to help you remove damaged window film and install new window film on commercial and residential glass as well as automotive glass. DO NOT try to install window tint without first watching our video or you may waste your time and money on window tint you may have purchased. We will also send you a discount coupon for the purchase of window film thru our company or a discount on our installation services.

Just fill out your information above to get instant access to our free videos and coupon.

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